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Muscle Training Prescription and Sharing App

The Client
Halteres is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution commissioned on-demand by a company approved in the Centelha Program 2019 initiative. The Centelha Program is a government initiative to promote innovative entrepreneurship, aiming to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses.

The Needs
The construction of a platform, based on mobile applications, for the prescription and sharing of weightlifting workouts was requested. The solution needed to be practical, allowing fitness professionals and their clients to use the tool during weightlifting workouts, within gyms. It was also necessary for the platform to have an internal social network, encouraging the sharing of workouts and promoting new professional connections between clients and trainers. Another requirement was that the platform also have a web version of the solution, designed for professionals to optionally create their prescriptions using larger screens than smartphones.

The Project
Aldabra, following Halteres' visual identity, designed an optimized layout with the user experience during workouts in mind. The workout cards, available right on the first screen, make it easy to quickly check exercises without compromising focus on the activity. Users can find their trainer and associate them with their account through the professional search, providing access to workout editing. The social network, with a concise timeline, allows sharing and interaction among all users, with photos, comments, and likes.

In addition to the app, the platform also includes a web-based administrative panel, exclusively designed for platform administrators. Through this panel, all users, workouts, and posts are managed, making business operations more efficient.

The project also includes a promotional institutional website for the platform, serving as a contact reference for new users. Through it, both clients and professionals can access the web version of the app.

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Created on: 14/03/2023



Muscle Training Prescription and Sharing App

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