App Celso Papaleo Advogados

Mobile app for medical legal consulting.

The Client
Celso Papaleo Advogados is a law firm specializing in Medical Law. They advocate for the interests of healthcare professionals, medical companies, and medical specialty societies. Their services include consulting, advisory, and litigation.

The Needs
The firm requested the development of an app to provide support and assistance. They aimed to offer quick contact options through the app, including regular consultations (with a 48-hour response time) and emergency consultations (immediate assistance). The app also needed to provide shortcuts to the firm's content, such as blog posts, contact information, social media links, website access, and location information, among others.

The Project
Aldabra, following the visual identity created for the firm, developed an app integrated with the Celso Papaleo Advogados website. The main screen featured buttons for quick access, leading users to regular and emergency consultation form screens. At the bottom, links to the blog, location on the map, and the firm's website were placed. In the app's toolbar, social media links and a central button for WhatsApp contact were positioned.

Category: App development
Created on: 20/03/2023



Mobile app for medical legal consulting.

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