App Clube 1

Mobile app for a team of real estate agents.

The Client
Clube 1 is a company specializing in the marketing of benefits from the leading healthcare providers and administrators in the national market. Their product catalog includes health plans, dental plans, and life insurance.

The Needs
The construction of an app for internal use by Clube 1's brokers was requested. The app should bring together and facilitate access to various digital tools used by the company, as well as streamline access to institutional contact information.

The Project
Following the company's visual identity, Aldabra developed an app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, gathering shortcuts to access Clube 1's main systems. On the main screen, users can view and access all the app's features by using large icon-illustrated buttons. Through these buttons, brokers can access the company's intranet, pricing tables, commission system, digital broker, links to documents and files, social media, among others.

Clube 1 also has a corporate website created by Aldabra, presenting its portfolio and helping to solidify its presence in the benefits market.

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Created on: 22/03/2023



Mobile app for a team of real estate agents.

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