WAPP Maintenance App

Intelligent Building Maintenance Management App

The Client
WAP Engenharia is a company based in Espírito Santo, specializing in engineering inspections, reports, and expertise for properties and various types of buildings. Their team identified an opportunity in the market to venture into a software solution within their field of expertise, aiming to simplify the work for their clients and create value by optimizing maintenance management and ensuring accuracy in maintenance tasks.

The Needs
The Aldabra team was tasked with building a platform, based on Android and iOS mobile applications, for scheduling and tracking maintenance activities in buildings. The primary target audience includes construction companies, residential condominiums, and commercial buildings. The platform is designed to be used by any building administrator seeking efficiency in managing scheduled maintenance tasks.

The Project
Aldabra designed an intuitive and user-friendly layout, following the visual identity of WAP Engenharia. The first screen of the application features a dashboard summarizing an overview of ongoing maintenance tasks, highlighting critical maintenance activities that require more attention. In the internal screens, users can access their maintenance lists, complete with all details such as scheduled date, priority, notes, photos, and other relevant information. Users also have an area to access documents shared by the administrative team.

The platform also includes a web-based administrative panel, carefully designed for efficiency and intuitiveness, primarily accessed by management teams on larger screens. The administrative panel handles all aspects of business management, including user management, building management, permissions, file and document availability, and scheduling maintenance tasks.

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Created on: 15/03/2023



Intelligent Building Maintenance Management App

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