Website created for the company Braver | Foreign Trade and International Relations.

The Client
Braver is a strategic organization specialized in Foreign Trade and International Relations. It is a reference in high and medium complexity projects in different economic sectors.

With a broad scope of activities, it includes everything from the structuring of internationalization projects, consulting, studies, and projections, to planning, product and service trading, country management, and complete import and export operations management for companies of different profiles and capital structures, in addition to various topics related to Foreign Trade, including operational, regulatory, logistical, customs, legal, tax, financial, and/or currency-related matters. It also operates in International Relations, with a more institutional and strategic approach.

The Project
For the creation of a modern website, various aspects were taken into account, from the initial planning to the launch and maintenance of the site.

The first step was to define the website's objective and its target audience. Next, we designed the entire wireframe responsively, ensuring it adapts well to different devices and screen sizes. Creating a design that effectively conveys the brand's message and image is crucial, and it's essential to consider the user experience while navigating the site. This includes organizing information, page loading speed, and ease of use.

Another important aspect is search engine optimization, or SEO. This includes choosing relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, and structuring the site correctly.

Finally, we conducted tests before the website's launch to ensure everything functions correctly and there are no errors or usability issues. By following these steps, it was possible to create a modern and efficient website that helps convey the brand's message and reach the desired target audience.

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Created on: 14/03/2023



Website created for the company Braver | Foreign Trade and International Relations.

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