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Creation of the website for the artist Natália Wyss' studio

The Client
Natália Wyss Nunes was born in 1987 in Fortaleza, where she lived until the age of 22. She currently resides and works in Zurich, Switzerland. She initially studied early childhood education and later decided to pursue Art Fundamentals at SKDZ in Zurich.

In 2019, she began her artistic career, selling paintings and giving painting classes in her own studio and at various companies that invited her to teach.

Her art combines elements of pop art and realism, and she also creates abstract paintings. Natália does not limit herself to any particular style in her art; instead, she blends tones and forms, incorporating both realistic and vibrant elements.

She creates diverse images and is often inspired spontaneously. Natália enjoys experimenting with various techniques, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, charcoal, ink, resin, and more.

Coming from a family of artists, she was heavily influenced by her father, who was also a painter. As a young person, she loved art classes and felt a strong affinity for Realism. This led her to learn graphite drawing and later introduce the beautiful art of colored pencil painting into her work.

To this day, Natália expresses her feelings, traumas, and desires introduced by others who identify with her style in her paintings.

The Project
Creating a website for Natália Wyss' art studio was an incredible experience. From the outset of the project, our team worked closely with Natália to understand her needs and objectives. As an artist who sells paintings and teaches painting classes, it was important for us to create a website that effectively showcased her diverse art.

We began with a brainstorming session to determine the color scheme, typography, overall layout, and necessary features for the website. It was crucial to design a modern and artistic website that aligned with Natália's art style. Our team also focused on ensuring that the website was easy to navigate, allowing visitors to quickly find information about Natália's classes and paintings.

To help Natália stand out from the competition, we created customized content that highlighted her diverse art, including her paintings with pop and realism elements and her abstract paintings created with various techniques such as acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, charcoal, ink, resin, and more. Additionally, we integrated a content management system that allows Natália to easily update the website with new information, paintings, and class schedules.

In the end, we were very pleased with the final result of Natália Wyss' website. Natália herself expressed satisfaction with the website and praised our team for their professionalism, creativity, and dedication in creating a website that met her needs. We are confident that the new website will help Natália expand her online presence.

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Created on: 15/03/2023



Creation of the website for the artist Natália Wyss' studio

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